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Diploma in Business Studies (E-learning)

Business studies is a branch of management science. It studies how to use modern management methods and means to make effective corporate management and business decisions. This topic covers a wide range, covering many subjects such as finance management, human resource management, marketing, communication. So business studies is a broad-based and practical subject. After systematic and professional business knowledge training, learners are expected to systematically and comprehensively understand the current situation and contemporary issues of business management, and lay a solid foundation for career development. This course aims to provide core knowledge and skills for professionals and other learners who are not able to learn on full time basis. This course is taught in English, assessed in English, and taught online. Upon enrollment each learner will be assigned a student number, which is used to log in to the student portal located on the top-right corner of school website. Learners shall log in on time every week regularly to read handouts and various teaching materials, complete all kinds of exercises developed by our teaching team. The school arranges teachers to answer questions every week via web conference system. Students can also to communicate with classmates and ask questions on the learner portal, during the studentship.


Entry Requirement

Minimum Age: 17 years old or above; AND

Academic Route: Any of the requirements below:
1. 3 ‘O’ Level Passed OR
2. High school/equivalent for those foreign learners, and students who completed secondary 5 in Singapore OR
3. Applicant who is 30 years’ old or above with 9 years’ formal education and 8 years’ work experience will be considered on case by case basis.

Pass the College’s English Test (minimum 60 out of 100)



9 months (Part time)


11/1/2023, 8/5/2023, 1/7/2023, 2/10/2023, 26/12/2023, 25/3/2023


Graduation Requirements:

Students must complete all the subjects, by submitting assignments.


Course Fee

Please refer to Fee Breakdown Table

Mode of Teaching:

Part time, E-learning,


Mode of Assessment:
Average Teacher-student Ratio:

Qualification to be awarded:

Diploma in Business Studies


Awarding body:

Windsor Management College


Teaching and assessment Language:



The course consists of 7 modules:

1. Business Environment
The aim of this module is to develop the knowledge, understanding of the business environment and the the internal and external circumstances.


2. Financial Management
The aim of this unit is to help learners develop an understanding of the key elements in financial and management accounting systems.


3. Organisational Behaviour
This unit aims to help learners to understand the concepts in effective team work, individual behaviours, group behaviour and motivation theories.


4. Human Resource Management
This module aims to equip learners with the ability to understand how structure, culture and other factors impact on people in organisations.


5. Marketing and Communication
This unit aims to enable learners to develop the knowledge and skills of marketing mix, and how internal communication takes place within organisations.


6. Introduction to Business Law
This unit aims to enables learners to understand the main sources and types of law, element of contract, legal rules in relation to agency and employment law.

7. Managing Customer Relationship
This unit aims to enables learners to understand the importance of customer relationship management, and how to improve the customer relationship.


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