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Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Finance

Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Finance

The Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Finance aims to provide solid knowledge and business skills for industry practitioners and those who wish to purse better knowledge in the field of accounting and Finance


1. Financial Accounting

-In this Module, learners will learn the  contents of financial accounting, accounting for tangible and intangible assets, inventories, financial instruments, leasing and provision, taxation, revenue and government grants.

2. Financial Analysis

-In this Module, learners will learn to analyze and interpret the accounting information, accounting ratios.

3. Consolidated Financial Statements

In this module, learners will learn the following contents:  preparation single entity financial statements, statement of change of equity, cash flow statement, financial statements for group companies and accounting for intra-group trading.

4. Internal Risk Management

-In this module, learners will learn the concepts of corporate governance, internal and external audit,  assessing audit risk, and audit planning and documentation.

5. Principles of auditing

-In this module, learners will learn the the internal control system, audit evidence and audit techniques, audit finalization and review and the independent auditor’s report.

6. Capital Market

– In this module, learner will learn the concepts of financial objectives for various types of organisations, economic environment for business and function of financial market.

7. Investment Appraisal

– In this module, learners will learn these contents: working capital, cash operating cycle, management of receivables, payable and cash, calculating cash flow for investment projects, investment appraisal methods, tax effect of cash flow, risk and uncertainty in investment appraisal, sensitivity analysis in assisting investment decisions, specific investment decision like leasing or buying.

8. Business Finance

-In this module, learners will learn the following contents: source of business finance, estimating cost of debt, estimating cost of equity, impact of cost of capital on investments, capital structure theories, valuation of business, models for valuation of shares, valuation of financial assets, implication of interest rate and exchange rate, hedging techniques for foreign currency risk and interest risk.

Entry Requirement

* At least  18 years old; and

Any of the requirements below:

  1. One ‘A’ Level Passed OR
  2. Recognised diploma in Business/Accounting/Economics/Finance
  3. other equivalent qualification accepted by the Board of Academic

* Language Requirement: Pass English Test, and obtain at least 39 out of 50 of the test.

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12 months (Part Time)


Next intake is to be determined, for inquiry, please leave a message

Graduation Requirement:

Candidates must successfully complete all the eight subjects to be awarded the Diploma

Teacher Students Ratio 1: <12

Course Fee

Please Refer to Course Fee Breakdown Table

Teaching Mode:

Face-to-face Classroom teaching


60% on written examination,30% on Assignment and 10% on Participation;

Awarding Body:

Windsor Management College

Teaching Language:

This course is taught and assessed in English;