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Diploma in Accounting

The Diploma in Accounting are taught in English or Chinese, same syllabus and same duration.

Diploma in Accounting and Diploma in Accounting (Chinese)



1. Book keeping (Elementary)

– Principles of book keeping, double entry, and different payment method, bank reconciliation and journals.


2. Book Keeping and Accounts(Intermediate)

– Sole Proprietor, Partnership, private limited company, T accounts and Columnar Accounts, Financial ratios.


3. Accounting

– Inventory and Evaluation of Fixed Assess, Corporate, Accounting for affiliated company, cash flow statements, budget control.


4. Management Accounting

– Cost behaviour, short-term decision making, cash and working capital management, long-term decision making, product cost and performance management.


5. Financial Reporting

– This module covers the concepts of preparing financial statement for sole traders, preparing financial statements for companies, statements of cash flows, etc.


Entry Requirements(English)

Part time

*above 17 years old

*3 GCE ‘O’ Level Passes OR

graduates from High school OR



*English Language requirements: GCE O Level English Pass OR Windsor Cert in English Level 2 OR Equivalent;


Entry Requirements (Chinese)

Part time

*above 17 years old

*3 GCE ‘O’ Level Passes OR graduates from High school OR Equivalent.
* Applicants with 9 years’ formal education and 5 years’ work experiences will be considered on case by case basis.


*Chinese Language requirements: 9 years formal education in Chinese or GCE ‘O’ level Chinese Pass.


Message to us



6 months(part time)



every months of a year;


Graduation Requirements:

students must pass all five subjects before they can graduate;


 Teacher Students Ratio 1: <12


School Fee

Please Refer to the Fee Table


Mode of Teaching:

face-to-face Classroom teaching


Certificate awarded by:

Windsor Management College


Teaching Language:

English Language or Chinese language; students may choose one of the medium language according their language skills.