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Higher Diploma in Construction Engineering Management (Chinese)

This Course Higher Diploma in Construction Engineering Management is taught and assessed in Chinese




1. Construction Process and Procedures

– This module covers the construction safety and legislation; construction machinery and operations; basement construction; caisson foundations; tunnelling methods, construction of high-rise buildings; prefabrication; bridge construction; dredging and land reclamation; appraisal and building retrofitting; automation and robotics; build ability aspects; use of recycled materials in buildings.


2. Construction Technology

– This course provides students with a better appreciation on the methods and technologies used for the construction such as incremental launching, span by span and balance cantilever. Topic on construction of tunnel using traditional, new Austrian methods and tunnel boring machine as well as various structural systems used in the construction of tall building and methods for underpinnings works are also included in this course. This course also provides an insight to the topic on sustainable construction and the methods to improve productivity on site.


3. Construction Structure Analysis

– This module covers the analysis of determinate and indeterminate structures for axially loaded member, torsion, column buckling, moment distribution method, slope deflection method, moment area method, integration method and virtual work method.


4. Project Planning and Management

– 1).The module covers the fundamental concepts of project management. 2). Student will be introduced the management of project scope, time, cost, quality, effective site organisation, human resource, risk, communication documentation and handing over. 3). Students will also learn the role of IT and the method of planning and scheduling.


5. Performance Management

– This unit provides students with a better appreciation on the Performance management skills and knowledge used for the future supervisors and managers in building and construction fields. The following topic will be covered in this unite: Performance Analysis, Procedures for Performance assessment, Methods for performance assessment, Salary Management, Labour relationship Management, Human resource Cost, and HR Information Management, etc.


6. Project Budget

– This module will cover following topics: investment estimation, Design estimation, revised estimates, construction plans budget, construction budget, project settlement, budget quota, and labour quota.

Entry Requirement


* above 18 years old


* 3 GCE ‘A’ Level Passes

OR a Diploma (in any field)

OR equivalent qualification


* Language Requirement:9 years’ formal education taught in Mandarin Chinese OR GCE A level Chinese pass.


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Course Schedule:

One class per week, on each Sunday



12 months (Part Time)



11/12/2022, 4/2/2023, 28/5/2023, 23/7/2023, 24/9/2023, 5/11/2023, 7/1/2024, 17/3/2024


Graduation Requirement:

Candidates must successfully complete all six subjects to be awarded the Higher Diploma


Teacher Students Ratio 1: <12


Course Fee

Please Refer to Course Fee Breakdown Table


Teaching Mode:

Face-to-face Classroom teaching

Mode of Assessment:

Written examination for each subject


Awarding Body:

Windsor Management College


Medium Language:

This course is taught and assessed in Chinese


Why choose this Course:

Our lecturer was a principal Design engineer from one of the leading construction company in Singapore, with nearly 30 years’s experience. In this class , you will be exposed to the up-to-date knowledge of construction industry.