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Advanced Diploma in Logistics Management

Advanced Diploma in Logistics Management
Advanced Diploma in Logistics Management (Chinese)
The program include two streams: Chinese-taught program and English-taught program. Their structures are same as following:


1. Business Law

– This unit covers the basic concepts of the legal system in Singapore. It will discuss about the different components of business law including legal system in Singapore, contract law, Tort of negligence, and company law.


2. Human Resource Management

– This unit provides students with the knowledge of the different activities used in building human resources within an organization. This includes recruitment & selection management, designing compensations and benefits programs, planning for training & development of staffs. This unit also include the topic of the Human resource Practices in contemporary logistics management.


3. Information Technology in Business

– This module covers the concept of hardware and software components and concepts of information technologies used in real business world. Concepts of computing system, operating system, networking system, the Internet, information security and database management technologies will be covered.


4. Logistics Operation Management

– This module consists of following topics: Introduction to logistics, logistics planning, and logistics transport management, information management, distribution and cost management, organisation of logistics and manpower management.


5. Macroeconomics

– This unit provides an understanding of the economy with discussions on GNP, GDP, etc. Factors affecting economics are also discussed and this includes business cycle, unemployment, inflation and deflation, monetary and fiscal policies.


6. Supply Chain Management

– This module consists of following topics: Concepts in supply chain management, supply chain and stock control, strategic supply chain management and decisions, procurement strategy, supply chain and logistics cost management, performance measurement in supply chain management.



Entry Requirment


* above 18 years old


* The candidate must pass one GCE ‘A’ Level subjects

OR Diploma in any field

OR equivalent qualification


* Language Requirement for English taught Class:candidate must pass the GCE ‘O’ Level English   OR   Pass the English Test OR Hold a certificate in English Level 3.


* Language Requirement for Chinese taught Class:Minimum 9 years formal education in Chinese  OR   GCE ‘O’ Level Chinese Pass


Message to us



8 months (Part Time)


Mode of Assessment:

Written Examination and Assignments for each subjects.



English-taught class:12/3/2023, 23/4/2023, 4/6/2023, 16/7/2023, 27/8/2023, 8/10/2023, 26/11/2023, 7/1/2024, 25/2/2024
Chinese-taught class:20/12/2022, 7/2/2023, next intake date to be determined, for inquiries, leave a message.


Graduation Requirement:

Candidates must successfully complete all six subjects to be awarded the Diploma


Teacher Students Ratio 1: <12


Course Fee

Please Refer to Course Fee Breakdown Table


Teaching Mode:

Face-to-face Classroom teaching


Awarding Body:

Windsor Management College


Midum Language:

This course is taught and assessed in English or Chinese.(subject to application)