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Student Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct
All students shall accept individual and collective responsibility for maintaining a healthy learning environment while observing proper conduct at all times within the School’s premises. The following codes of conduct are required to be observed by every student while studying at Windsor Management College:
Students must not be rude or behave aggressively towards teachers and staff
‘Students must be well groomed and neatly attired for classes
Students must not instigate other students to cause disruption to the smooth
running of the School
Students must have hand phones in the silent mode inside the classrooms
Students must adhere to the lesson schedule for their classes
Students must be punctual for all classes and follow the break times accordingly
Students must not vandalize or damage the school properties or equipment
Students must not litter in the School
Students must not download illegal software or visit undesirable websites on
School computers
Smoking is prohibited within the School premises/Vicinity
Consumption of food and drinks are allowed only in the refreshments area. Inside
the classrooms only drinking water is permitted.
Disciplinary Actions
Students are liable to disciplinary actions by the School for any serious misconduct and/ or breach of rules and regulations. Students who persistently violate the School’s rules and regulations despite of verbal warning shall be issued with a written warning.

Dismissal of a Student
This section describes situations that warrant disciplinary actions and the procedures of appeal against dismissal. Student request for an appeal against disciplinary actions must have the support from the Teacher In Charge with strong mitigating reasons.
The following violations of the School’s rules warrant dismissals:
Students who cheated in an examination
Students who have committed plagiarism
Students who persistently misbehave and are rude to their lecturers and College
staff despite advice and warnings from the School
Students who instigate other students to cause disruption to the smooth running of
the School
Students who are absent for seven consecutive school days or lessons
Students who are absent for more than seven school days without obtaining a
formal approval from the School
Student who commits offence against the law of Singapore bringing the School
into dispute
Students who fail to pay School fees in a timely manner
ALL Course fees AND non course fees are not refundable for dismissal cases.


Appeal Process against Dismissal
The procedure for appeal from dismissal is as follows:
i. Upon receipt of the letter of dismissal, students have to lodge final appeal to show cause or strong mitigating reasons for a grant of acquittal from dismissal.
ii. Students are required to write to the Chief Academic Officer / Registrar within 7 working days from the receipt of the Letter of Dismissal.
iii. The appeal will be reviewed by the Academic Board and the decision of the Board is final.