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Diploma in Business Management

Diploma in Business Management

Diploma in Business Management (Mandarin)


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* Min 17 years old..

* “3” GCE “O” level passes or a recognized High School Diploma or Certificate in Business Management from Windsor.
* Applicants with 9 years’ formal education and 5 years’ work experiences will be considered on case by case basis.

* English Language proficiency: O Level English or Windsor Certificate in English Level 3, or Equivalent.


Diploma in Business Management (Mandarin) – ENTRY REQUIREMENT


* Min 17 years old..

* “3” GCE “O” level passes or a recognized High School Diploma or Windsor Certificate in business Management (Mandarin)

* GCE ‘O’ Level with a Pass in Chinese OR Minimum 9 years’ formal education in Chinese.


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Duration: 8 months (Part Time)


Intakes: Every 6 weeks; cycling intake
Diploma in Business Management (Mandarin): 11/12/2022, 19/2/2023, 2/4/2023, 14/5/2023, 25/6/2023, 13/8/2023, 24/9/2023, 5/11/2023, 24/12/2023, 4/2/2024
Diploma in Business Management: 3/12/2022, 14/1/2023, 11/3/2023, 22/4/2023, 3/6/2023, 1/7/2023, 29/7/2023, 2/9/2023, 14/10/2023, 25/11/2023, 6/1/2024, 17/2/2024

Graduation requirements:

Student must get at least a pass grade for all modules of the course
Assessed by Written examination and Assignments.


Teacher Students Ratio 1: <28


Course Fees (Part Time)

Please Refer to Course Fee Breakdown Table


Mode of Delivery:

Classroom face to face lectures. Part time.


Awarding Body:

Windsor Management College


Teaching Language:

Diploma in Business Management and Diploma in Business Management (Mandarin) are two different courses, and students can apply for any or both of them based on their own language proficiency;
The Diploma in Business Management consists of 6 modules


1. Principles of Accounting

– This unit provides students with more concepts of accounting with topics such as double entry concept, preparation of income statements and balance sheets, interpretation of financial ratios, etc.


2. Business Statistics

– This unit provides a better appreciation of statistics with the application of probability into hypotheses testing. This also includes topics like sampling distribution, confidence interval, simple correlation, regression analysis, etc.


3. Microeconomics

– This unit provides an understanding of economics within the country, covering topics like supply and demand, indifference curve analysis, market structure, pricing and supply issues, etc.


4. Business Communication II

– This unit equips students with the essential skill of business communication including writing of letter, reports, minutes, memorandums and electronic mails. Other skills include presentations, listening and management of meetings.


5. Marketing

– This unit introduces students to the concepts of marketing. In addition, the mechanism of the marketing process is also discussed with extensive coverage on topics of the marketing mixes, i.e. product, price, promotions and distribution.


6. Organization Behavior

– This unit provides students with the knowledge of how an organization can be organized and managed. In addition, students will also be taught on organizational theories of leadership, motivation, group theories and change management.