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Examination Rules and Award of Certificate

All students are required to sit for examination(s) as per requirements of the course program.
The candidate will be allowed to re-take the examination(s) for the module(s) that they have failed.
All examination questions and the marking of scripts will be moderated and/or examined by the Examination Board before they are released. The decision of the Board is final.
Students who wish to appeal against their examination results can complete and submit the Appeal Form within 7 days from the release of the results. The appeal will be reviewed by the Examination Board and the decision of the Board is final.
The Examination Board shall hear and determine appeals from students on the following matters:
a) Exclusion on the grounds of failing to meet the requirements for progression as specified in the relevant award rules and
b) Suspension or expulsion for cheating, plagiarizing or attempting to circumvent Assessment requirements.
The School shall award the relevant Certificate or Diploma when the student has met the following requirements:


a) passed all required modules;
b) completed all necessary course works;
c) met all financial and administrative obligations to the School; and
d) met any other requirements specific to the course.