Certificate in English

We aim to equip students with knowledge and skills that will make a difference in their development ahead. As such, it is also our duty to ensure that our students are properly equipped so as to be able to engage the lecturers to their fullest advantage.


We take great pride in delivering the best program in helping our students, coming from different backgrounds and cultures, to achieve the required language competency in English, so that they will find the learning process in our school, to be of great value, and something that they can take with them and develop as they mount their steps into their professional development.



The objective of the English course is to ensure that our students acquire the relevant competency in English and this is achieved by teaching students with the appropriate set skill. The skills include:


•Language Proficiency: Grammar, Vocabulary and Comprehension

•Oral Skill, Listening and Speaking

•Writing Skill: Composition and business writing Description


The English course is conducted by Qualified teachers, who are experienced in teaching English to adult learners.


•Certificate In English Level 1 (Foundation Level)
commencement: 4/1/2023, 3/5/2023, 6/9/2023, 10/1/2024, 8/5/2024,
•Certificate In English Level 2 (Intermediate Level)
commencement: 2/1/2023, 2/5/2023,5/9/2023, 6/2/2024,9/7/2024,
•Certificate In English Level 3 (Advanced Level)
commencement: To be determined.
Duration : 4 months per Level
Teachng Mode: Part time, Classroom teaching,



Students will be assessed by written paper examination

Every month of a year


Entry Requirements:

Level 1: Students must be at least 6 years old and Academic Requirement not necessary

Level 2: Students must be at least 6 years old and must posses Certificate in English Level 1 (Foundation Level) or Equivalent level

Level 3: Students must be at least 6 years old and must posses Certificate in English Level 2 (Intermediate Level) or Equivalent level. There is no academic requirement for the Cert in English Level 3.

Student with other qualifications will be considered on a case to case basis


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Graduation requirements:
Student must attain at least a pass grade for the final examination


Teacher Students Ratio 1: <12


Course Fees (Part Time)

Please refer to fees structures


Mode of Delivery:

Face to Face Classroom lectures

Course Developer: Windsor Management College


Certificate Awarding Body:
Windsor Management College