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Appeals Policy

Appeal Procedure



Windsor Management College makes every effort possible to complete the appellate process within 21 days of the receipt of the appeal by the school. When extended investigation becomes necessary, the in-charge of the respective department will inform the appellant by letter of this extended investigation.


The Academic Board requires an appeal to be lodged containing the following minimum details for consideration, namely:
a) The Student’s full name (family/surname and first name), student number and contact details
b) The nature of the decision or matter being appealed
c) The basis for the appeal
d) Details of the specific outcome sought by the student and
e) Copies of all relevant documents
The Academic Board shall within 21 days of receipt, consider the appeal in order to determine whether it should be accepted for hearing, in whole or in part, or rejected on the following basis:
a) No reasonable grounds are stated for the appeal
b) In the case of an appeal against a decision of the Academic Board , no new or different grounds are stated for the appeal from those given in response to the request for ‘Show Cause’
c) Already considered by the College  concerned
d) The student has not ensured that they are in a position to receive all notifications from the College Late or non receipt of official letters will not be accepted as grounds for appeal if changes of address have not been notified and received by the school.
e) The appeal is lodged outside the time stipulated for lodgment of appeals.
f) Any other reason(s) which the Academic Board may from time to time take into account and which in the circumstances of the case mean the appeal should not be one for acceptance and
g) In making a determination under Section 8, the Academic board shall hear from a Student representative and a representative from the College, not being members of the Academic Board/
Where the appeal is rejected as being not one for acceptance, the Academic Board shall forward the decision to the student within 7 working days of that decision being made.
Where an appeal is accepted for determination, a written notice shall be forwarded to the Student.
The Academic Board shall advise the student of the outcome of the appeal within 14 working days of the Board having made its decision.

Request for a review must be made within 7 working days of the receipt of the result, and the request made after the closing date will not be entertained in any circumstances.

Request can be allowed or declined. If the request is declined, the appellant will be given the reason.

All examination materials are confidential to Windsor Management College and the examination booklets will not be shown or returned to the candidates.

Decision made by the Examination Board is final.


For the external exams, the school will submit the appeal directly to the respective external exam bodies upon receipt of the Request from the student.