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Plagiarism Policy

Plagiarism is the presentation of the thoughts or work of another as one’s own. Examples include:

Direct duplication of the thoughts or work of another, including by copying material, ideas or concepts from a book, article, report or other written document (whether published or unpublished), composition, artwork, design, drawing, circuitry, computer program or software, web site, Internet, other electronic resource, or another person’s assignment without appropriate acknowledgement

Paraphrasing another person’s work with very minor changes keeping the meaning, and/or progression of ideas of the original

Piecing together sections of the work of others into a new whole Presenting an assessment item as independent work when it has been produced in whole or part in collusion with other people, for example, another student or a tutor Claiming credit for a proportion a work contributed to a group assessment item that is greater than that actually contributed

For the purposes of this policy, submitting an assessment item that has already been submitted for academic credit elsewhere may be considered plagiarism
Knowingly permitting your work to be copied by another student may also be considered to be plagiarism

The inclusion of the thoughts or work of another with attribution appropriate to the academic discipline does not amount to plagiarism…Plagiarism is considered to be a form of academic misconduct and is viewed very seriously. In the interests of maintaining high standards in study and research, the college reminds students that when they are writing essays, theses, and assessment items of any nature, they are ethically bound to refrain from plagiarism in all its forms. Students are advised to inform themselves about college’s policies and practices concerning assessment and Academic Misconduct (including plagiarism). Wherever possible, students should also take up those opportunities provided to them by the college to improve their academic and/or information literacy.